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Be among 100 people that will take advantage of 50% pre-launch promo and start making more than $10 per day without leaving your Home start from today, with the new company I want to introduce to you.


A great opportunity to turn your daily activities and your spending into income generator true VTU, Data bundle and affiliate income program. is a robust socio-economic Multi-Level Business Networking that was developed to create an open opportunity for the internet users to maximize their social experience and guarantee their financial freedom, through online and offline earning systems, without even leaving their rooms.


To become Nigeria most trusted, reliable and highly rewarding online MLM platform which provides logistically, technologically and systematically to generate income true your daily activities.


We aim to create a stress free profitable  and reliable income generating platform for the Nigeria, African and entire world Population where members can create a vibrant business team logistically

                                          Our Product And Services

Series of Information E-book

Virtual Top Up (VTU)

Data bundle

Cable TV subscription

Bulk SMS


Cryptocurrency deal


Income Program

Note: This product and services is optional for all members

                                    Benefit Of Membership

It is a one-time payment

Free E-book for every member

The Member will have access to VTU (recharge card) at discount rate 2% to 3% discount.

(*Telecom is likened to OIL BLOC in the 18th Century. Nigerians are spending #21.4trillions on Airtime/Data Per Year. Generating Trillions for Banks, Quickteller, Telecom Companies without getting paid.*)

The Member will also have access to low cost of data bundle, as low as #500 per 1GB


Low cost of Bulk SMS

Low charges on cable TV subscription

The system will automatically assign cryptocurrency wallet for each member.

Free advertisement true our classified Ad

Free profile branding, associate with people who matter to you, create groups for your business and team true our social network.

Free to participate in our forum discussion, create a topic.

For doing all these free activities you make a coin which you can convert to money. To be discourse later.

Automatic referrer (Downline)

Note: Dear subscribers, our VTU portal is currently unavailable, due to the service upgrading. We have provided you with an alternative means of purchasing your VTU and data at the same (Moremoney) discount prices. Just send your purchase request to 08099735770 (Whatsapp message only). Accept our apologies, as we are working to make things better, just for you.

                                       Subscription Plan

We have a different plan with different benefit; we encourage you to choose the one that’s best for you.

Gold membership …………… $10 (#3,650)

Gold membership pro ………. $20 (#7,300)

Agent membership …..……….$50 (#18,250)

Compensations Plan

Referrer bonus: You make $1 for each person you introduce into the platform true your unique referrer link. (it’s no compulsory to refer anybody before you can benefit from the system)

Access 30% affiliate commission on digital products

1,000 coins make 3USD (These is coins you generate true your activities in the platform)

Leadership development bonus (From level 1 to 15, $4 to $3276.8 respectively)

Level 1 = $ 4

Level 2 = $ 6

Level 3 = $ 8

Level 4= $ 11.2

Level 5 = $ 16

Level 6 = $ 19.2

Level 7 = $ 25.6

Level 8 = $ 30.72

Level 9 = $ 51.2

Level 10 = $ 102.4

Level 11 = $ 204.8

Level 12 = $ 409.6

Level 13 = $ 819.2

Level 14 = $ 1638.4

Level 15 = $ 3276.8

We will register you under one International MLM and do all the hard working by register people under you.

Incentive Bonus:

               Tablet worth       $200  (#73,000)

               Travel incentive. $2740 (#1,000,000)

                    Brand New Car  $16,438 (#6,000,000)

Together and GOD with us, we would do it!

Please visit the website to know more about moremoney

Use this ultimate link to get register

Promo!!! Promo!!! Promo!!!

Take advantage of 50% discount on any subscription plan you choose. Just for limited time and for limited people

How to Get Started?

We have provided you with the flexible options of subscribing as an Agent Membership, Gold Membership PRO, Gold Membership choose any one that suit your style.

It takes approximately 5 to 10 minutes to register. . Once your registration is successfully done, you will be able to login into your account and manage your profile.

Use this ultimate link to get register


  1. Low Start-Up Capital Of Just $ 10

  1. Unlimited Earning Potential Of Over $ 20,000

  1. Unlimited Referral Income:*  Member can refer unlimited people  in the system and get $1 per person when he activates the account.

  1. Amazing Free Incentives Ranging From Tablet, Travel allowance, Brand New Cars.

  1. Automatic Downline.

  1. You can register more than one account

  1. No Hawking Of Products

  1. Free Information E-book

  1. Registration Can Be Done Anytime And Anywhere.

  1. You don’t need to request for your money before will pay into your Bank account

Be wise, make a decision now. Moremoney is a new business opportunity and a talk in town now, be part of the “early birds” before this opportunity takes over the whole nation. This is a big time business opportunity for everyone

Mark Zuckerberg, CEO of Facebook invited 5 people to his Harvard Dorm room 14 years ago to discuss a business opportunity. Only 2 people showed up and they got in. Today these two people are billionaires.. Dustin Moskovitz ?US$12.6 billionBillions and Eduardo Saverin ?US$9.9 billion Billions .

Nothing is more expensive than a closed mind, and a missed opportunity. A “THINKING ABOUT IT” for too long can cost you a whole lot money and time. Taking action now can earn you a whole lot. It’s your choice, your life, it’s up to you to make a DECISION today.

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